Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Kinder Field Trip

In October I chaperoned Meredith's Kindergarten Field Trip to Dewberry Farm. This was actually my first field trip to go to. Brandon went to Mackenzie's Kinder field trip so that I could stay home with Meredith and Miranda and then I didn't go to either of the first grade field trips last year because you can't take siblings and I of course always had Meredith and Miranda with me.  However, since Meredith was still struggling a little with leaving me during school, Brandon took off work to keep Miranda while I went on the field trip. I loved seeing her interact with her friends.

There's nothing like roping your friends for a good time! HA!

Can you tell we are "suburban girls"?!  She closed her eyes and flinched as she threw the rope. ;)

I rode in this bumpy "train" with her and there was a lot of laughter from her and her friends!

She was not a big fan of this ride, but she still did it. ;)

I don't have a good picture of Meredith doing the rope swing, but I loved seeing her laugh with her friends while they swung.

Her cute little class!

There are only 8 girls in her class so they are all pretty close.  They are each so sweet and cute.

It's the Cat in the Hat! ;)

Mackenzie has a field trip in January and February that I am now expected to attend! I guess Brandon will be taking the day off again soon! ;)

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