Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Halloween Festivities & Crafts

My pictures are a little out of order in this post, but that's ok. ;)

On Halloween day, 2 of the girls dressed in Halloween shirts.  AND Mackenzie even let me fix her hair!

When she wants to smile for you, she's really cute, but if she's not in the mood for pictures you only get a cranky face.

Meredith dressed for Halloween several times in October which is probably why her Halloween shirts weren't washed on Halloween day.

We had an early dismissal one day, so the girls and I crafted all afternoon.  Not all of these are Halloween, but some of them were. ;)

We were invited to a family Halloween Party the day before Halloween and Meredith was excited to wear her new costume - Princess Elena of Avalor.  The picture on the left is her riding the animal that Elena rides. ;)

Playing tic-tac-toe at the party.

Mackenzie participated in the donut eating challenge.  Unfortunately, her donut fell off the string and she didn't win, but she tried!

Mackenzie's team one a prize in the relay race - vampire teeth!

The funniest thing was the contest they created to clean up the toilet paper mess they made.  I think it originally started with a "mummy wrapping" contest and quickly grew to a toilet paper fight and huge mess all over their backyard.  To clean up, 3 dads divided the kids into teams and each team had to fill up the bags with toilet paper as quickly as possible!  The yard looked like this when I walked outside - race already started.
A few minutes later it looked like this!  I've never seen kids clean up so quickly!  Another mom decided on the winning team based on the "weight" of the trashbags and the winning team got a prize! ;)

Meredith one best girl costume!

Meredith with 2 of her new friends from school!

We had a lot of fun celebrating Halloween.  We had our halloween books out all month long and I even was the classroom reader for Meredith's class on the Friday before Halloween so we read 4 books there as well!

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