Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Halloween 2016

I really liked the girls' Halloween costumes this year.  Miranda's was a little big for her, but she still liked it.  Thankfully it wasn't cold outside, so she didn't have to wear anything under it.  Here's our cute little fairy...who didn't want to look at the camera!

Meredith was Princess Elena of Avalor and we even tried to match her hair. ;)

Pretty girl.

And Mackenzie was Mal from the Disney movie Descendants.  She wanted to be Mal last year, but I couldn't find any costumes since the movie had just come out and was very popular.  The girls were excited that the 3 candy pails we use every year matched each one of them just right! ;)

Sweet girl inside a "bad" costume. ;)

And all 3 together!

This picture below is from my phone and I think Miranda is trying to match her sisters, but it's just too funny!

Brandon wasn't feeling well, so I took the girls out trick or treating and we went to a lot of houses!

We did have one house where someone jumped out of the bushes to scare us.  From them on, I had to look at the bushes before Meredith would go to the door.  And Miranda kept saying "One more house" after every house.  She had to say it about 20 times! ;)  We had a lot of fun as usual!

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