Friday, December 23, 2016

Fun Run - MLM

Mackenzie's school has a fun run every year and this year was no exception. However, the run itself was a little different since it was several different obstacle courses they had to run through.

The first obstacle was super fun and easy - who wouldn't want to run through pool noodles over and over again?!

This was the hardest obstacle, but all of the second graders could get over it.  Mackenzie wasn't as fast as some of the boys, but she still did well.

I had signed up to take yearbook photos for this event, so by the time Mackenzie's grade level came out, Miranda and I had already watched the 4th graders go through and the preschool (where Miranda even joined in).  So, at this time, Miranda was just chillin' with the ipad. ;)

Tunnels were next!

Miranda joined Mackenzie during this event.

Miranda also joined in during the hula hoop and hurdle race.

Next up were the tires!

And the final obstacle was a simple running relay race.  The kids did great and had a lot of fun.  More fun I think than the previous years where all they did was run in a circle 35 times!

After Mackenzie finished, Miranda and I went home for a lunch break before heading back up for Meredith's race.  I guess it was technically fun run DAY for us. ;)

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