Saturday, December 24, 2016

Fun Run - MDM

Meredith's race was exactly like Mackenzie's and her class also had a really good time!

They started in the tunnels first!

Hula hoops and hurdles!

I love getting action shots like this!

During the tires, they had parents join in.  I jumped with her, but obviously I couldn't take pictures too. ;)

My sweet kindergartner!

Miranda joined in about halfway through.

The first group of kindergartners just ran around the ramps, but by the time we got to them in the rotation, our class was going over them and doing pretty well.  Meredith only went over it a couple of times since it took them a little longer than the older grades. ;)

Miranda and I were finally able to go home after this to rest for an hour or so before having to pick the girls up from school.  It was a long day, but really fun.

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