Monday, November 14, 2016

The month of birthday parties!

September was the month of birthday parties! Not only did we have Mackenzie's party, but collectively the girls were invited to 5 birthday parties. We went to 4 and I only took pictures of 3! ;)

Our first of the month was for a good friend of ours.  That one started off super crazy.  We got there and before we could get in the house they were already freaking out about the family dog that was running around in the yard.  I don't mean a little scared, I'm talking SCREAMING and CRYING of fear while all 3 held on to my legs for dear life.  I was not going to spend the next 2 hours with them crying, so we dropped off the gift and I packed them back up in the car despite their protests.   While sitting at Sonic waiting for our drinks - I def needed a dr. pepper after those crazy 2 minutes - my friend texted me and said she put their dog in the backyard if we wanted to come back to the party.  We decided to try it and we are glad we did because it was a lot of fun. For a little while, Miranda and I took Aggie selfies!

Another party was at a park and thankfully, the weather wasn't too terribly hot for September.  Miranda was really excited to swing and the big girls waited for most of the party to have their face painted.  It was a super hero theme, so Meredith had batgirl and Mackenzie was Poison Ivy.

The last party we went to was Miranda's first party that she alone was invited too!  This picture is blurry, but look how cute these classmates look playing together!  She didn't like jumping in the playhouse with the big kids, but she liked the craft and playing in the playroom.

Meanwhile, the big girls were having fun with Brandon at Bass Pro Shops.

Thankfully, September was our biggest party month and hopefully that won't happen very often, because it was a little hectic to remember all the parties.  I think since then we've only had 1 or 2 invitations per month.

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