Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Miranda's First Day of Preschool

Back in September, Miranda started preschool for the first time! She was actually sick on her first day of school. She had a really bad cough that I wanted the doctor to check out.  She ended up being ok, but we did have a rough couple of nights that week because she would wake up with a coughing fit trying to catch her breath.  It was a bit scary for me, but she didn't seem to phased by it.

I took these first two pictures with my cell phone and she somewhat cooperated.  ;)  She's wearing a shirt from her preschool that was made probably 10 years ago!  Thanks to hand me downs, she could show her school spirit the first day she attended! ;)

After those first two pictures I told her I wanted to take pictures with my big camera and this is what happened...

"Hold the sign with your hands."

"Ok, pull the sign down."

"Ok, now hold it where I can see the sign and it's not crooked."

"Miranda, please hold the sign where I can see it AND your face!"

After that I gave up and took her to school.  I wasn't sure how she was going to do.  She was super excited about going until we started to walk down the hall.  She had me pick her up as we walked into the classroom.  Luckily, she was sitting next to a girl she knew AND the morning activity was transferring water using medicine droppers.  That was enough to bring her out of my arms and happy about school!

After school, she fell asleep on the way home. ;)

So far, she's loved school.  She's not a fan of Spanish Class on Thursdays, but she likes school in general.

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