Thursday, November 3, 2016

Art Party - Mackenzie is 8

Mackenzie requested an Art Party for her 8th birthday and Brandon said no painting, so it was a little more of a crafting party, but the girls had a lot of fun!  I let her invite about 12 people, so we had the kitchen table set up and an extra table in the living room to fit everyone.

At the last minute I added these plain brown bags so that they would have something to take their crafts home in. They turned out to be a big hit and gave the girls something to do between art projects if we were waiting on someone to finish.  Who knew all that practice writing block letters in junior high and high school would come in handy 20 years later?! ;)

The pink polka dotted cans were used for Mackenzie's 1st birthday, the white buckets were from Mackenzie's 2nd birthday and the jars (and crayons) were from the girls' Lalaloopsy birthday 3 years ago!  I love when I can reuse party supplies.  I did buy some new sharpies, but we had everything else, so that saved on some expense too!

My typical banner I make for every party!  I have my basic file that I change the font and backgrounds for.  I can make banners pretty quickly now! Ha!

Even though the girls were going to be decorating their own cupcakes, I really wanted to try a cake that I saw on pinterest.  It turned out pretty well, I think,

Paint palettes for decorating cupcakes.  Mackenzie, Meredith and Cindy worked on putting sprinkles in all of the spots.

While we were busy preparing for the party, Miranda decided to take a nap.

The guests signed an art book for Mackenzie and picked an apron to wear and take home.

As they came in, the girls took photos in front of our rainbow back drop. I had them do a "normal" photo and a silly photo.  The silly photos always included a tongue sticking out! ;)

Mackenzie and Adrienne have been in bible class together since they were 2 and sit together at church almost every week.  Even though they don't go to school together they are still such good friends.

Meredith HAD to have her picture taken with Adrienne and Macey.  They may be Mackenzie's age, but they are her friends too and she loves them.  Please also excuse her "gymnastics" hair from earlier that day.  Of course, this is pretty much how her hair looks like most days.

Macey and Mackenzie met in pre-k and are still great friends!  Last year they had specials (music, art, PE) together everyday even though they weren't in the same homeroom class.

These girls are sweet friends!  They met last year in first grade and are in the same class again this year in second grade.

Alexa and Mackenzie met in Kindergarten once they were added to the Gifted and Talented classes.  They were in the same class last year for first grade and while they aren't in the same homeroom class this year, they do have class together on Mondays when they got to Challenge (GT class).

Gracie is a new friend from second grade and clearly they get along because Mackenzie wanted to invite her to her party after on 2 weeks of school!

This particular friendship with Sydnee is really cute.  Sydnee and Mackenzie have never been in class together at school, but they are both "walkers", so they have a few minutes together at dismissal every school day.  They've had a few playdates together and they get along great.  It's funny how a friendship can bloom in just a short amount of time! Maybe next year they'll be in the same class!

Charlee has also been in Mackenzie's bible class since they were 2.  They've been at the same elementary school the last 2 1/2 years, but unfortunately, Charlee moves to the new school next year. :(  At least they will still see each other at church!

Kaitlyn is a friend from her class last year.  I'm not sure how often they see each other this year, but Mackenzie was excited to have her at the party too!

Veronica.  If you ask Mackenzie who her best friend is, she says Veronica.  They met in Kindergarten and while they were not in the same class last year, they played together every day at recess.  Unfortunately, Veronica moved to the new school for second grade and we weren't sure if we were going to be able to get her an invitation.  So, while Mackenzie was excited about everyone who came, she was SUPER excited when Veronica showed up.  They hadn't seen each other in 4 months, so they were happy to see each other.

Sweet Lyla!  Mackenzie and Lyla have known each other since they were babies!  You can't really help but be friends when your mommas and daddies are friends! ;)

Brandon and Miranda joined in the fun too!

And now the crafts!  The first one was a sand art pen  It can be messy, but sand vacuums up easy!

The next project was a little difficult, but everyone survived!  I prepared all the girls initials and put the double stick tape on the back side.  I also cut all the yarn and put them in bundles for them to pick their colors.

I think I helped with this project so much, that I only have one photo of my mom helping with the craft.

The last project was the easiest, but still pretty cool.  I had a box of glossy photo paper, so I took a black sharpie and drew different words and lines on every page to create a stained glass look.  The girls then colored the paper in whatever colors they wanted.

We sang Happy Birthday to the birthday girl and decorated cupcakes.

She's 8!!!!

Most of the girls used ALL of the sprinkles!  That had to have been very crunchy! ;)

 After gifts, we did group pictures and they were all so cute!

And now, the silly girls!

Along with their crafts, the girls took home a paint can full of jolly ranchers and a cute art palette lollipop.

After everyone left, Cindy and I joined the girls for a little back drop fun!


This was a super fun party and Meredith has also requested one for herself, so I guess I'll be doing it again next year!

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