Monday, October 17, 2016

2016 Summer Vacation - Colorado (Day 1 & 2)

For our summer vacation we drove to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Mackenzie had requested a vacation that required flying to another state, but Brandon and I countered with driving. ;)  Up to this point we had only ever driven to Dallas with the girls and this trip was 3 times as long, so we weren't sure how well it would go.  But I'm happy to say we were pleasantly surprised because the girls did great!  We pretty much stopped every 2 or 3 hours for restroom breaks, food or to stretch our legs.  I bought the girls sleep masks to use for sleeping in the car, but I don't think they were used for anything other than pretending to sleep or play.

Miranda stayed up the for all but the last 45 minutes of the first day (8am-6pm).  Otherwise she was pretty goofy.  We were also still potty training at this point so she wore a diaper but kept it dry the entire time! yay!
We saw lots of windmills the further west we went. ;)
The hotel was great because it had 2 bedrooms and a living room.  After dinner that first night, we all got comfy and hung out in the big girls' bedroom watching the olympics.  Meredith is on the right under her blanket playing on the ipad. ;)  They had the ipads in the car, but they couldn't watch their precious youtube videos so Meredith and Miranda were super excited to have wifi at the hotel.
We went to bed fairly early that night (9:00pm) and then at 10:30 Brandon and I woke up to a thud and Miranda crying.  We had put her on the sofa bed in the living room and only put a bumper on one side of the bed because the other side was right next to the ottoman.  Sure enough, she fell in the tiny hole between the ottoman and the bed and her had was actually stuck.  I had to yell for Brandon while I pushed the ottoman away from her to "un-wedge" her!  Soooo, she slept with Brandon and I for the rest of the night.  It was not a good night because she moves a lot!  However, she woke up feeling great and looking pretty cute! ;)

At breakfast Brandon fixed the girls' orange juice in coffee cups since they had lids.  Meredith said it was like she was the momma and I was the child with my little cup of juice. ;)

On our second day of traveling, we tried to see the top of the Capulun Volcano in New Mexico, but they had had a lot of rain recently, so the road was closed to the top.  So, we had to be content with our pictures from the bottom and our keepsakes from the gift shop.

Mackenzie wasn't feeling "picture-y" so here's Meredith and Miranda with the volcano in the background.

So, up until we got in Colorado, this was our view and we were actually excited about the "mountains" even if they were just hills!  That's what happens when you grow up in Houston! ha!

We had ice cream for dessert on that first night in Colorado and Meredith loved it so much she drank the melted ice cream!

We rented a house while in Colorado and the girls were immediately comfortable!  We rested that evening so that we could be ready for our first full day the next day!

Next up...Colorado!

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