Monday, September 26, 2016

First Day of School - 2016

Mackenzie started 2nd grade and Meredith started Kindergarten this year!  Both girls were super excited!

They were so excited that they even joked around with each other! ;)

Meredith skipped the entire way to school!

I'm bummed that this picture of Mackenzie is blurry, but oh well.  We took her to her room first because I wasn't sure how Meredith would do!  Mackenzie sat down and all was well!

Meredith seemed to get a little nervous as we walked in but then saw playdough at her seat and her excitement came right back!  She hugged me and we quickly left before she could think about me leaving her!

So that was the only day of full smiles before school.  Unfortunately, that afternoon they accidentally sent her to the wrong door for dismissal.  As soon as Mackenzie came out without Meredith I walked up to the door to figure out what happened.  The teacher me us in the office with a crying Meredith.  :(  She said it was a good day until the end when she thought we had forgotten her.  I had to reassure her that it would never happen again.

She does like school but she does not like the length of day and cries pretty much every day before school.  Mackenzie cried for the first 4 weeks of school in Kindergarten but Meredith is still crying at the end of the 5th week, so it may be like this for a while. :/ At least we had a pretty good first day morning! ;)

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