Wednesday, September 28, 2016

August Miscellaney

Most of my August pictures were covered in my summer posts, but here are a few pictures of miscellaneous activities that happened after school started.

Don't be fooled by this picture of Meredith smiling on the second day of school.  She cried as soon as the bell rang because she didn't want to go to school.  She had cried every morning of school with the exception of a few days.

Miranda likes to choose her own socks and shoes and as long as we aren't going anywhere special, I usually let her.  This was one of those occasions, can you tell?  She threw a fit 5 minutes after we got home because I wouldn't let her have candy or the ipad - can't remember. ;)  It's so hard to be a kid.

On another day, Miranda had her first hair cut!

These are the before pictures.

And after...It's not a big change, just to even out the "tail" in the back.

After all summer with the girls I had forgotten how easy it is to go to lunch with Miranda.  She's not too picky of an eater as long as she's not around her sisters.  On this particular day we went to Chipotle where she ate her chicken quesadilla and shared some guacamole with me.  I love my little lunch date!

So cute walking home after school and another picture of them on their first "spirit day".

Miranda likes when we go to the grocery store because we get a fountain drink.  She loves the new strawberry drink she gets.  Unfortunately she also likes my Dr. Pepper that I usually get. :/

Miranda was excited to see a friend at a volunteer meeting we had at the big girls' school.  They enjoyed playing on the ipad while the mommas signed up to volunteer at the school.  I'm so excited about this year!
 And that's a wrap for August!

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