Thursday, September 22, 2016

2016 Summer - Week 11

Because I feel the need to finish my summer blogging even if I'm super late, here's our last week of summer after being in school for one month! ;)

Unfortunately, the last week of summer was super rainy. We returned from our vacation on Sunday evening so Monday was spent doing laundry, going to the grocery store and generally putting everything back together.  Since it rained all day, the girls enjoyed relaxing in our own home with their toys.

On Tuesday we braved the rain and went to a small skating rink.  Before skating, the girls played on the play place the skating rink had.

We were meeting friends there, but we got there first and for a while I was pretty sure I was crazy for taking 3 kids skating all by myself.  Especially since Meredith and Miranda had never been skating!  Meredith was quite freaked out and Miranda wanted nothing to do with it.

Once our friends showed up, Meredith decided to explore a little more on her own since her friends were. And Miranda decide to run around without any shoes! ;)

Wednesday night after church we had yogurt which the girls love to do!
Don't you just love Miranda's socks and shoe choice

On Thursday, the girls and I ventured out in the rain yet again for party supplies.  While out and about we decided to have breakfast for lunch!

That afternoon the girls received their gifts from Dustin and Aubrey and they were all very excited!  Miranda loves her huge stuffed dog and has named it Miranda Junior! ;) And Meredith and Mackenzie were thrilled with the art set and books.

Thursday was a busy day because that evening we had "Meet the Teacher" at the big girls' school.

Friday we ended the week with swim lessons and more party prep!  Meredith promoted to Marlin and is such a great swimmer!

Our last 2 days of summer were spent celebrating Meredith and Miranda's birthdays as wells as going to church and getting ready for the first day of school.

It was an awesome summer and we wished it didn't have to end, but unfortunately it did.  We are already counting down the months until next summer!

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