Saturday, August 6, 2016

VBS - Memorial 2016

We always attend our friends' VBS and this year was just like every other year. The week was great! So great that I didn't take pictures until the last night! HA!  They didn't have a 2's class this year, so Miranda was with me all 4 nights.  Since she came to the adult class with me for 3 nights, I took her to the petting zoo for the last night and skipped the adult class.  She loved looking at all of the animals and pet almost all of them, even if it was just a little pat on the back (goat).

She followed the ducks around, but they never stayed still so she couldn't pet them.  And she only waved to the large turtle because he also never stayed still and was actually quite fast!

The chickens were super cute, especially the baby chicks.  A 4th grader helped put the chick in Miranda's hands. ;)

The bunnies were super soft. ;)

Since it was the last night, we went to the ice cream social where the girls had their face painted and each got a balloon animal!

It was late when we got home, but those balloon animals lasted until this past week and VBS was the second week of July! ;)

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