Friday, August 5, 2016

Summer 2016 - Week 8

We are getting down to the final weeks of summer. :(  We tend to stay busy in the mornings and rest in the afternoon and this week was no different.

Sunday was filled with bible class, church and bible hour that evening.  Afterwards we all went out to dinner, so a great day in general.  Monday we had our gymnastics class and then the girls and I went to Double Dave's for lunch.  They love looking at all of the video games even without money.  They especially loved the dessert pizza!

Afterwards we headed into a gift shop next door.  I refilled the girls lemonades before we left so that they had a cup to hold while we walked through the store.  I'm sure the sales lady was super worried as I walked into a store full of breakables with 3 small kids.  After being there for atleast 30 minutes, we found our gift and the sales lady complemented my girls at how well behaved they were.  ;)

At the grocery store, the penny horse wasn't working, but they all insisted on having their picture taken anyway.

On Tuesday, we weren't sure if we were going to be able to swim at the planned playdate, but thankfully it was sunny for the 2 hours were were outside!


It started raining about 30 minutes after we came in side, so it was perfect.
 Sweet friends!  I love these girls!
 Meredith wanted her picture taken and clearly Mackenzie didn't know I was taking pictures! ;)
And since we were soaked getting into our car leaving our friends' house, I let the girls play in the rain when we got home.  They were able to play for about 20 minutes until it thundered and we had to come in.

They were so excited to have a movie "night" at 2 in the afternoon! ;)  It was dark because of the storm and we popped popcorn while watching Wreck It Ralph.  IT was another great day full of all kinds of activities.

Wednesday's weather was perfect for our visit to Granny and Papa's!  I had told the girls that we probably wouldn't be able to to go on the boat because it would be too hot, but it was actually quite cool for July because of the rain the day before.  We had a great time at Granny and Papa's, which of course deserves it's own post! ;)

Our other playdate was baking and decorating cookies at the church building with our friends.  The kids had a blast!  Plus, one of our friends dropped off all of her old books for all of us to look through.  Mackenzie was so excited to pick out books to take home.  Meredith picked some too and we came home with a ton!  We went to lunch and then within 5 minutes of getting home, Mackenzie was reading a book we had just brought home. 

Friday was our typical swim lesson morning.  Mackenzie promoted and Meredith and Miranda both had great lessons.  Meredith had her swim teacher and her daughter as her teachers, so she loved it!  For a few minutes, Miranda's teacher came over to teach her how to do breast stroke kicks.  When I asked Meredith what she thought of Mr. Conner, she said she didn't like him because he was a boy and she was "afraid he'll tickle me like he does his kids in his class!" ;)  She's too funny sometimes.

Saturday we took the girls to see "The Secret Life of Pets".  It was ok, but I'm not sure we'll buy the movie when it comes out on DVD. ;)  Either way, it was a fun family outing.

So that's a wrap on another week of summer!

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