Thursday, August 4, 2016

Summer 2016 - Week 7

The beginning of this particular week of summer was very exciting because we finally got to see our friends that live in Malaysia.  We see them 1 a year when they come visit during the summer.  Thankfully, they are moving back by the end of the year and will only be about 20 minutes away.  We invited other close friends of ours (and theirs) to come over too, so it was a house full of girls!  6 girls and 3 mommas!  It was great to catch up and just visit with each other for a couple of hours!

Tuesday we met some friends at the Science Museum to see the Butterfly Center.  We had lots of fun and after lunch, the girls road the "dinosaur" - even Miranda!  She totally surprised me and had no fears about getting up there without me.  I like and dislike that! ;)

I don't have any pictures from the playdate we had at our house on Wednesday.  We hosted a "Read-In" and invited our friends to come over to read books with us.  After reading about 8 picture books to the kids, the snacks had run out and they were ready to play.  Mackenzie and the other 3 older girls wanted to read their chapter books, so I let them go back to my bedroom to read their books.  I think they read for a little bit and then just enjoyed playing and talking with each other without the preschool crowd! ;)

This is Miranda's lovey that she got 2 Christmas's ago.  She calls her "Old Hippo" because I bought her a new one this last Christmas.  She really loves this one and has slowly started pulling her fur our.  She picks it out with her fingers or her lips as a comfort thing.  This morning before we left for errands, she actually said, "wait!  Just one more pick!" ;)

Meredith had an awesome Friday when she learned how to dive for rings all by herself!  She's been working so hard trying to go to the bottom without any help and she and her teacher were so excited to finally get the rings!  To be honest, I actually cried happy tears when she did it!  I loved seeing how excited her teacher was for her too!

Saturday we had a relaxing day until about 4 in the afternoon when we started playing the Wii Sports games.  It's sad to say that I was a little out of breath after "boxing". ;)  Meredith really enjoyed boxing and had her super spastic special move to knock out her opponent! I'd post a video but she's not dressed all the way, so we'll keep that as a family video. ;)

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