Monday, August 29, 2016

Science Museum - 2016

Back in July we visited the Science Museum.  When we first walked into the exhibits, Meredith and Mackenzie were running around saying, "Momma, look at this!"  "Oooh, look at this!"  Miranda chimed in and pointed to the bench and said, "Momma look at this!"  Yes, Miranda that bench looks awesome! ;)
The pendulum is always a favorite...but only for a few minutes. ;)
Once they see one knocked over, they are done.

We always go right when they open at 9 and we pretty much have the museum to ourselves. It's awesome!
The National Parks photographs were really pretty.  I probably could have spent more time in there, but I'm with 3 kids 7 and under, so we moved pretty quickly. ;)

Of course, the video caught their attention.

This time her "Look, momma" was justified!
In the museum I can always expect a LOT of "Look momma"s while they point at the next exhibit.
Having a little fun!   Oh no - Mackenzie is getting eaten!
I always like the underwater section with its blue lights.
Sweet Miranda!
A lot of looking up in the dinosaur exhibit!

Well, 2 out of 3 smiling isn't too bad.

For years we were obsessed with meercats.  We noticed them on tv or zoos or cartoons, you name it.  Now are obsession is the sloth!  In the dinosaur exhibit we found the giant sloth and the girls wanted to imitate the picture.

The picture on the left is Meredith acting like the sloth picture in the background and the picture on the right is doing her own impression of a sloth long before we saw this exhibit!

On the second floor they have an exhibit all about Texas wildlife.  When Miranda and I walked up to this particular section you could hear duck quacking and she started singing a song about ducks.  Too funny!
Miranda looked a little nervous at the robotic woodpecker.

Just a little gymnastics while looking at exhibits. ;)

Meredith nagged and nagged to go see the African exhibit with the zebra leg.  I'm not quite sure why she likes seeing the bloody leg so much.

This is Miranda being a Gorilla! She was dancing a*round and wondering why we could see the animals n*pples. ;)

I LOVE looking at the gemstones.  They are so pretty!

Mackenzie's new favorite exhibit is the Egyptian area.  She really liked looking at the Hieroglyphics.
"Walk like an Egyptian."

Dancing crazy on our snack break.  It was vital for our sanity to stop in this entry way and eat granola bars for a snack.  Had we not done this we would never had made it through the last 2 exhibits without a full meltdown from Meredith.

Just a little nose picking...

I can't remember what happened, but clearly it was super funny to Mackenzie.

Relaxing in our tent...

The very last exhibit was about the Amazon.  The girls took turns posing in front of the headdresses to look like they were wearing them.

This one was our favorite.
On this particular trip, we arrived at 9, ate lunch at 11 and were home by 12!  It was a perfect morning and we still got to relax in the afternoon.

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