Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Granny & Papa's - summer 2016

We made one last summer trip to visit my grandparents. It was surprisingly a very nice day and quite cool for late July!

I loved this picture below so much that I had to edit it 2 different ways!

I had warned the girls that we probably wouldn't have a ride on the boat because of the heat, but then it ended up being cool outside, so a boat ride we had! ;)

Sweet Mackenzie.  I can't believe she'll be 8 in one more month!
And Meredith...sweet as well and almost FIVE!

And of course, Miranda!  So cute and funny! 

This was the best picture I got of the three of them. :/
On the boat, Miranda is always cautious at first and goes straight to a seat while the girls watch at the rails.

And then after a little bit, Miranda joins her sisters.

Mackenzie said she wanted to drive the boat, so Papa let her do it.  It lasted all of 2 minutes once she realized it wasn't actually a steering wheel but she had to control to rods/sticks. ;)

Meredith and I taking a selfie with my big camera.  It's harder to do than with a phone, but it still turned out pretty well!

Miranda and I.  I'm rarely in the pictures with them, so I love this picture!

The girls wanted to go for a ride on the Gator, so Papa took the big girls around the property and then Granny took me and Miranda around.  Lots of fun!

Papa found a bell that the girls had fun ringing.  It was very loud! ;)

It has become a tradition for the girls to sit on these little tables at the front door and sing as if they were on a stage. At one point after Miranda had sung a few songs, Meredith said, "I'm tired of this singer." ;)

This is my new favorite video...the girls taking turns throwing loofas at Papa and him throwing them back!  It's too funny!

We love our trips to Granny and Papa's.  I don't imagine we'll have a visit at their house until October.  We'll see them before then, this month and next, but not at their house.

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