Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Butterfly Center

A couple of weeks after we went to the Science Museum we were back to meet friends at the Butterfly Exhibit.  We also met a couple of friends early to go the Museum for about an hour before everyone else showed up.  The Dinosaur exhibit is always more fun with friends, right?!

Sweet Mackenzie.
Everyone walking like an Egyptian! Meredith doesn't really care for this exhibit because the "mummie's face was black and weird looking."  I told her to look away from it, but she said she was just too curious to not look at it.  I guess kind of like rubber necking a car accident.
At the butterfly center, the kids got to pet a stick bug.  At least I think thats what it was. ;)

Trying to get a picture with all of the kids from our group was like wrangling cats.  These are the best ones we had between 3 mommas taking pictures!

This one finally got the babies sitting down, but the big kids are no longer looking!  Crazy kids.  And crazy mommas thinking it was possible to take a picture of 9 kids age 7 and under!

Just one of many beautiful moths and butterflies we saw.

After lunch, the girls wanted to ride the dinosaur.  Mackenzie and Meredith were first and of course had no problem with the ride. 

Miranda insisted on riding it and I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, but she did great!  She just climbed up the steps and hopped on the seat and had fun while everyone watched and cheered her on!

She sticks out her tongue when she's shy and everyone is looking at her.  It's really funny to see her do it.  She also did it just last week when everyone sang happy birthday to her during her swim lesson.

We have a membership to the museum so hopefully we'll go another time when it's not summer, but we'll see.

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