Saturday, August 27, 2016

2016 Summer - Week 9

Trying to play catch up with my blog posts...welcome back to summer! Ha!

Sunday was our usual bible class and church.  I'm helping in Miranda's bible class this quarter and everyone once in a while Miranda will quietly say "Momma" and ask me to come over to her and hold her hand.  I hope she adjusts well to the next class without me!

On Monday we went to gymnastics and realized that the new leotards we bought the week before matched our friends leotards. ;)

The girls also received their review forms.  They didn't move up in class, but everyone gets to stand on the mat every few months for reviews.  Meredith has a bandaid on her nose which is why her face looks a little different!
At this point, Miranda was ready to move up to the next class, but she still needed to be potty trained.  I think this particular day was a trial run and she wasn't wearing a diaper.

Hanging like a bat and bear walking...

After lunch with our friends we headed to our friends new store.  Her daughter and Mackenzie had a class together this past year and went to preschool together so they were all happy to see each other.  I quickly snapped a photo as they all hung out together.

The next day my friend sent me these pictures from her phone.  Apparently as I shopped and visited they were taking photos.  Sweet friends.

Tuesday turned out to be our very last swim day at the neighborhood pool, even though we didn't know it. ;)  We've loved our swim days.  The girls have really grown in their swimming skills and love to swim and jump in the water.  Next year should be even better when Miranda is swimming a little better.  By this day, Miranda didn't want to use her float hardly at all.  Luckily the water is fairly shallow and she can reach on her tip toes.
I had Mackenzie record video of Miranda jumping in, since I always have to be in the water to catch her!  She will continue to take swim lessons once a week until she starts kindergarten just like Meredith and Mackenzie (so another 2 years).  It's a requirement in our house and I'm so thankful we've stuck with it!  2 out of 3 girls are swimming great which greatly relieves the stress of taking 3 kids age 7 and under to the pool by myself!

On Thursday we had a playdate at the pottery painting place.  We do this twice a year and now that Miranda is painting that means we get SIX figurines a year!  Our collection is growing! ;)

This time we added a mermaid, dog and dolphin.  I also painted an owl, but I had to leave it there to be glazed, so it's not in the pictures.

After pottery, the girls and I went to Jimmy Changas for lunch...and ice cream!

Friday was swim lesson day!  Miranda was excited to wear her new peppa pig hat which makes her look even cuter!  Meredith had sub in her swim class, but she was excited to show Ms. Lizzie how much she had improved over the summer!

To be honest I cannot remember what we did on Saturday, but I'm pretty sure I was working on laundry and starting to pack for our vacation. ;)

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