Sunday, August 28, 2016

2016 Summer - Week 10

This was our second to last week of summer and we were preparing for our Colorado vacation.  We had to take cool weather clothes and jackets because of the mountain and cave tours we had planned.  While we were pulling out our coats, the girls noticed mine and Brandon's letter jackets from High School so they put them on and played around! ;)

Since our vacation was delayed a couple of days we were able to go to gymnastics one more time and out to lunch with our good friends one more time!  These girls are all one year apart and yet they have so much fun together!

 Poor Miranda didn't have a "friend" sitting next to her, so I took a picture with her! ;)

Mackenzie had her last swim lesson that afternoon and they had a cute Olympic photo board for them to take pictures with!  Here's our future Olympian! ;)

From Tuesday to Saturday we were on vacation and I'll cover that in another several blog posts, but we had a LOT of fun!

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