Sunday, July 31, 2016

Swimming at Moshi and Gapa's

We always work in at least one visit to my parents' house to swim during the summer! Ours got postponed a few weeks this summer because of rain, so we didn't get out there until the first of July.  We had lots of fun even though the girls were a little clingy to me in the beginning!

We had lunch outside before getting back in the pool!
Mackenzie practiced her diving, which is really belly flopping, but she's trying and getting a little better!  Miranda wanted to wear goggles and looks super cute with them on!

Sweet little sisters!

Silly Miranda acting like a cat holding a fish!

The girls thought it was so cool to eat our popsicles in the pool!  It's the little things in life.

And after a long time swimming, the girls got cookies and ice cream!  Summer is always a lot of fun!

Here are some videos of the girls in the pools - Mackenzie jumping and Meredith trying her best to dive to the bottom of the pool to get her rings/fish.  She tried soooooo hard and couldn't quite do it.

We love swimming and summer!

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