Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer 2016 - Week 4

Week 4 of our summer started with church of course!  ;)  That night, Brandon and I helped with Bible Hour.  My friend set up the summer lessons to be a study on the Fruits of the Spirit.  That particular lesson was on Joy.  I found some hands on activities that I think the kids really liked.

Monday morning we watched the olympic trials before heading to gymnastics.  After gymnastics we went to lunch at McDonalds with our friends.  We always have  good time with them, so we were very excited to go see a movie with them the next day! ;)

The girls and I spent a few hours up at the church building wednesday morning working in my bible class room and that evening at church I got to teach the lesson on Joy again.  ;)  This is Mackenzie laughing at a boy in her class.  I think it makes her look so big and makes me think she likes him.  It's so cute.  We also had watermelon after church.  Mackenzie thought it was so cool that she got to eat such a big piece!

I only have one picture from our playdate on Thursday - Meredith playing dress up!  It was a fun morning with our friends.

As always, we had swim lessons on Friday morning followed by some down time at the house.  And to finish off the week, we went to my parents' house to swim on Saturday!

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