Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer 2016 - Week 3

Our summer has been great so far and I'm kind of bummed that we are already half way through it! :(  However, this particular post is about week 3! ;)

On Sunday for Father's Day, we went to bible class and church followed by resting/napping at our house that afternoon.  After evening services we even got milkshakes!  Yum!

Monday was a LONG day preparing for VBS.  The girls and I picked up donuts on the way to the church building and spent the next 6 hours decorating the foyer for VBS that night.  Well actually, my friend and I decorated while the girls played.  We took a break for lunch and the girls had popsicles out in the heat!  They melted very quickly!

After 6 hours, we finished decorating!  We had a camping theme to reinforce the stories of Moses.

We got home just in time to shower/bathe, eat dinner and go back to church for VBS that night! ;)

After Monday's long day, we did absolutely nothing on Tuesday except go to the grocery store.  I only got 4000 steps for the entire day!  So lazy! HA!

Wednesday we spent the morning at the pool!  Friends of ours came to swim with us for a couple of hours so that was really fun.  Every hour the pool has a 10 minute adult swim that I usually sit out with the girls since they can't swim.  For the last adult swim we were there for I decided to stay in the pool and make the girls sit out.  They had fun throwing goggles into the pool for me to dive down and retrieve.  It was fun doing headstands and flips - which I hadn't done in years!  The girls also had lots of fun making their own swimming "shows".

And Meredith just decided she wanted to backstroke across the pool!

Thursday afternoon I let the big girls put make up on during Miranda's nap.  They kept saying, "this is so fun.  I look so pretty!"  ;)

A few months ago I got a speeding ticket and had to take defensive driving.  After I mailed in all of my paperwork, the police office called to tell me I had forgotten to sign one of the papers and I had to come into their office to sign it...40 miles away. :(  So, we made a day of it by meeting my former coworkers for lunch afterwards.  Surprisingly it was very nice outside, so after lunch we hung out a little bit on the patio.

Another week gone, another week closer to school starting. :(

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