Friday, July 15, 2016

Makeup session

The girls begged for a "make up day" a couple of weeks ago, so I let them do their own makeup one afternoon.

Meredith loved putting on lipstick, as you can see!

And clearly, Mackenzie loved the blush.

Not sure why eye shadow goes on the bottom, but oh well! ;)

So bright and fun!

Finished products!

We also painted nails and toenails.  Meredith wanted to have her nails painted like the sea!  Two toned nails...
...and beachy toe nails.

And then she turned into a mermaid!
This is her swimming!

The entire time they were doing this they kept saying "I'm so pretty!  I need more make up!  This is so fun!"  Here's to many more moments of make up fun in the future!  ;)

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