Saturday, July 16, 2016

Joy vs Happiness

I think God was trying to teach me about finding Joy the other day!  Brandon and I signed up to help with Bible Hour this summer and our particular lesson was on the second fruit of the Spirit - Joy!  A friend of mine was also the teacher and her husband taught the bible lesson, so I jumped in with the applications I found online. 

The basic application is learning the difference between happiness and true Joy.  Happiness comes from things in the world like playing, talking to friends, going on vacation, swimming...things that come and go or float up and down like a balloon filled with regular air, never staying constant.
JOY on the other hand is constant because it comes from God.  We can find JOY in reading our Bible, praising and worshipping God, helping others, teaching others about God, knowing we have salvation through Jesus.  In fact, it's very similar to a balloon filled with helium and constantly afloat!

The kids really enjoyed this next application lesson.  I had each kid (15) squeeze some water in a cup while telling me what made them happy...sharing with sisters, playing, reading.

After filling the cup about half way we talked about how happiness can't ever really fill our cup.  It fills us up a little bit, but no all the way.  Instead, we should focus on JOY (rocks) and when we do, our cup will overflow! ;)
Afterwards all the kids made Fruit Loop necklaces for Fruit of the Spirit!

The lesson was great and then 2 days later when I was preparing for my 1st grade class on Wednesday I discovered that our lesson was on JOY!  Well, why try to find another lesson when you already have one?!  Mackenzie's class only had 4 kids that night, so we took a lot of turns filling our cup with happiness!
Mackenzie got fairly tickled when her friend didn't want his picture taken and was hiding under the table.  I think it makes her look so much older - you know giggling at a boy she likes. ;)

After happiness, we moved onto Joy.  Mackenzie said, "can we put the rocks in?", so they did.  Again, with only 4 kids, it went around a long time before we filled it up, but eventually our JOY filled our cup!

So, I'm trying.  I'm working on finding JOY and not just focusing on whether I'm happy or not.  JOY is so much better!

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