Tuesday, July 19, 2016

4th of July

For 4th of July, we invited old friends over for lunch. The girls played on the inflatable water slide before lunch while the adults talked and sweated like crazy since it was so hot! ;)

After lunch, the girls played inside while the guys played guitars and the ladies talked some more!  After all, it's what I do best!

I love these girls (including Miranda who is not pictured).  Teresa and I were college roommates the year before we all got married and I love that our girls play together!

Miranda doing her own thing!

Originally we had planned on napping/resting and then watching fireworks at the mall, but after lunch Brandon and I decided we would just stay at home.  The girls were fairly disappointed at first, but then I told them we could decorate, do crafts, read books and watch fireworks on TV!  I loved their response - "This is going to be the BEST 4th of July ever!"  "Our decorations looks soo good!"  I can't wait to do our crafts.  It's going to be so much fun!" ;)

Here are the decorations which includes several drawings they made!
 And of course, they were dressed for the occasion as well!

Meredith is showing us her "fireworks"!
Jumping for JOY!  What a fun 4th of July!

One of our crafts was making firecracker rings with pipe cleaners.
We also made cupcakes!
They were delicious as are all pillsbury mixes! Ha!

After dinner we finally settled in to watch the fireworks on TV! ;)

Miranda really found her energy at 9:00!  She was singing and running around everywhere!

Meanwhile, Meredith just couldn't make it through the fireworks, so she fell asleep under her blanket next to me. ;)

Happy 240th birthday America!

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