Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pie Face Game

We bought the Pie Face game and had a lot of fun one afternoon.  For some reason the video of Mackenzie getting the whip cream in her face won't load, but here is the one with me. ;)

Meredith managed to evade the whip cream for FOUR turns! 
Brandon called to say he was coming home, when she finally got hit.  I wasn't totally prepared and since I was also talking to Brandon on the phone, the video is not great.  However, you can hear the girls squeals and giggles when the screen is black.

This is when Meredith finally gets hit!

We put the game away after that, but pulled it back out for Brandon when he got home.  Brandon and Mackenzie both got hit and the girls thought it was so funny!  Such a fun game.  We should probably play it again really soon! ;)

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