Wednesday, June 1, 2016

outside waterhose fun

On one of our days off from school we decide to play outside for a little while.  We started with the usual bikes and chalk.

Then we started playing with our neighbor across the street.  While they were across the street, I got out the water hose with the intent of washing off the chalk, but that led to even more fun!

I was the official bucket filler while they through water on each other.  We made a rule that whoever had the water hose could not get wet from the buckets.
My neighbor took this picture and clearly we were having fun!
Eventually, I let the kids take turns with the waterhose and I dumped water buckets on them and they got me too.  After 45 minutes or an hour we were all soaking wet in our normal clothes, but it was soooo fun!  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the kids and plain old fashioned fun!

It's days like this that make all the tough moments being a mom so very worth it!

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