Sunday, June 5, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

For Mother's Day this year we visited Granny & Papa's church in Alvin.  We got several compliments about the girls' great behavior during the service.  My response is always, well they've had lots of practice.  I'm so thankful that they and we've had lots of practice worshiping God.  Not every service is perfect and there are definitely some Sunday mornings that I cannot focus on the sermon, but for the most part, the girls are really good and at their ages consistency is the key.  Mackenzie sings along with us and then during the sermon she is allowed to read a book or work in her workbook.  Even though Meredith doesn't read, she still has to participate with the singing and also cannot play/draw until the sermon begins.  Miranda, still being 2, is allowed to color, do stickers, do whatever during the entire service.

Anyways, after church we headed to lunch at my parents' house.  I don't have a lot of photos, because I really like to enjoy my time with my family on days likes these, but I did get a few.  Waiting for lunch, means the girls hang out on the couch and watch TV. ;)

After our delicious meal, the girls went outside just for a little bit.  My pictures were a bit overexposed, but I still love them.  Of course, I'm pretty biased, but I think my girls are very photogenic! ;)

I think Meredith is smiling between trying to tell me something.

Dessert was cookies and ice cream!

Granny, Momma and I don't get a lot of photos together anymore, so I was sure to ask for a group picture this year!  I love any photos of us together, including this one!

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