Sunday, June 19, 2016

Meredith's splash day

Meredith had her last splash day for school back in May...

and of course Miranda had to join in too!

Miranda got to stay in the water the entire time since she doesn't actually go to the school yet.  Meredith rotated around from the playground, to the bounce house to the water area. ;)

So much fun with her friends...

Whenever it got a little too rambunctious with the big kids, Miranda would come and sit out for a little while.

Sweet sisters!

Meredith with her class and teachers.  Her teachers are awesome.  Only these 2 teachers can gather 9 kids sopping wet, in the middle of their splash day and get them to sit and answer questions.  I think this question is "Who here is having fun?"  Ha!Ha!
When Miranda and I left, the kids were drying off to go eat lunch and all of them were so sweet and wanting to hug and tell Miranda goodbye!  Luckily we have 2 more years of Miranda at this school, so still lots more memories and maybe even with these same teachers if we are lucky! ;)

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