Thursday, June 9, 2016

Meredith's Preschool Graduation

Meredith is officially finished with preschool!  She had a wonderful graduation back in May.  A friend of mine said that Meredith is so "composed" up on stage and she really is.  She is sometimes so different at school than at home and I love both sides.   She really enjoyed singing up on stage during the performance and did so well when she lead one of the memory verses.

The medals they are wearing are because at some point in the year they said their New Testament books.

Meredith got to lead one of the memory verses and did so well.

For graduation, each student walks on stage and spells their name.

 Then they get to walk to their teacher for their diploma and Bible.

I'll save the singing videos for our own home videos, but here's her "graduation" video!

On to Kindergarten!!!!

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