Monday, June 27, 2016

May Miscellaney

As always, I'm about a month behind in posting my miscellaneous phone photos.  Although, I kind of like editing/blogging later because I have usually forgotten about the pictures I took and it's fun to remember what we were doing only one month ago!

I think the first few pictures were just a random morning that all 3 girls looked super cute and we had time to take pictures just before walking Mackenzie to school!
Although, with these 2, I think this was after we took Mackenzie to school because they have the dandelions which we typically only find in front of the school.  One time in May I think Miranda cried the entire afternoon walk home because there were no more dandelions.  It's hard to explain to a 2 year old, that they grow every morning and in the afternoon they are all closed up or blown away.  She wanted a flower and didn't care what time of day it was. ;)

Meredith was an "Architect" one day.  She was also super nice on another day and covered sleeping Miranda with a blanket.

Meredith's last day of preschool!  This was one of her teachers - the one she sat next to in class.  Thankfully her teachers attend church with us, so we still see them every week!

On the last day of school she brought home a pale full of stuff, a beach towel with her name on it and of course her memory book that her teachers make all year long!  My favorite is the top sheet where they show how much they have changed in 9 short months!

Oh, the wonderful faces of Miranda!

It's hard to stay awake in the car!

In May we had LOTS of rain, so this was one of the many days the girls got to wear their rainboots and jump in puddles.
Last year, Meredith dressed up to take Mackenzie to school just about every day.  This year, I never knew what Miranda would decide to carry.  For a couple of days it was a baby doll in it's carrier!

All 3 of my girls went to the dentist and had xrays and cleanings done at the same time.  I stayed with Miranda, but Mackenzie and Meredith went on their own with someone else.  Not a single tear and we were finished in 40 minutes!  That's a record for us! ;)

Oh my goodness - the way Meredith ALWAYS eats her donuts!

And finally, Memorial Day - our tradition of going to the neighborhood pool for the first time.

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