Monday, June 20, 2016

Giggles and Fun 2016

We have an indoor play place for kids 6 and under so we have to plan our visits when Mackenzie is in school.  We went back in May and met some friends there. These horses are some of their favorites.

Their second favorite is the space area!  We have this space suit at home (because they loved it so much here), but having a slide and things to climb and jump off apparently make it so much better!

Look it's a space cowboy!

Can you tell her helmet is too big?! ;)

Meredith loved letting me take her photo while she jumped because it looks like she is actually floating in space.  She kept asking to take more "gravity photos".

Another favorite is the dress up area. This stuffed owl is right up Meredith's alley!
We got there when they first opened, so they had this room pretty much to themselves.

 What, you've never had a tea party with a large owl?

I think she liked her dress up outfit!

And just some random pictures at the snack area! ;)

I'm thinking it will only be me and Miranda next time since Meredith and Mackenzie will be in school next year.

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