Saturday, June 4, 2016

Field Day 2016

Mackenzie's Field Day was much earlier this year and thankfully the weather was great!  In fact, I thought it might be a little cool that morning, so she wore leggings instead of shorts.  Meredith, Miranda and I joined the cheering section for her class to watch the "games". 

Field Days are a lot different from when I was in elementary school, but they are still just as fun.  Basically, there are a bunch of relay races for an hour.  Each race has 10 kids from each class and with 13 first grade classes, it's pretty busy!

Waiting for sister and she even got to wear a school spirit shirt that Mackenzie had from last year!

Here come the competitors! ;)

This is a conversation Mackenzie and I had a couple of days before Field Day:
Mackenzie: I hope I don't get the obstacle course.
Me: Why's that?
Mackenzie: BECAUSE! You have to go through a hula hoop without knocking it down!!!

I guess the teacher didn't know how she felt about this race. ;)  The kids were so cute because if they knocked the hula hoop down, they went back and fixed it.  I think Mackenzie's worrying was all for not because she didn't knock it down.

 Jumping and running!

 Miranda was content to sit and watch from the picnic blanket for most of the time.

Meredith, however really wanted to be up at the front either watching Mackenzie or watching with Mackenzie.

It was a little bright so she was holding her eyes open! ;)

The last game was too funny.  They last race is a full class relay.  One at a time the kids had to run to the end, pick a photo prop and wait for their teacher to take their photo before running back.  Again, the first graders were very cute and took their time deciding on a prop!

Games are all done, now time for a snow cone! ;)

 Next year, Miranda and I get to go to 2 Field Days - can't wait!

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