Sunday, June 26, 2016

Birthdays and Playdates

In the month of May we had quite a few birthdays and playdates! I babysat a friends 3 girls one morning and since they don't watch a lot of TV I brought all kinds of crafts to do with them.  One of them was making binoculars for the 4 big girls.
We had a relatively cool morning for this particular park visit!  Meredith kind of likes these spinning things, but I have to be right there in case she decides suddenly to get off. ;)
Miranda was very excited to bring her new mermaid lunch box!

We had 2 separate jump house parties for 2 different friends.  Thankfully, both of them invited siblings to, so Meredith was able to go to Mackenzie's party and Mackenzie was able to go to Meredith's party.

We met several of our friends at the indoor play place at the mall.  It's not too big and all gated in, so it was perfect to watch the kids play while the mommas talked!

This was the line of our girls headed to the food court!  The 6 little girls enjoyed eating lunch at their own table next to the mommas.  Too cute!
After lunch, half of us went to the Disney Store to look around.  The little girls had never been in that store, so they really liked looking at all things Disney.  They were even lucky enough to pick out a special treat to bring home.  Meredith got a large stuffed cat, Miranda picked out 2 small stuffed tsum tsums and I picked out huge mickey/minnie slippers for Mackenzie. I was worried she wouldn't like them, but she LOVES them.  Yay!

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