Wednesday, June 15, 2016

2016 Summer, Week 1

We are one week down in our summer and it's been great!

The last day of school was an early dismissal so we went to Jimmy Changas for lunch.  We love mexican food, especially their queso and Meredith likes their chicken nuggets, so it's a win-win! Ha!  After lunch we headed to the library to check out our first group of books!  I had put a book on hold for Mackenzie so she was super excited to get started on it!

Friday we went straight to swim lessons for all three girls.  Mackenzie and Meredith both had their teachers to themselves and Miranda did great with her new teacher.  Mackenzie is doing great considering she hasn't really swam in 9 months.  This was actually her second lesson of the summer and she really likes her new teacher.

We were supposed to go visit my parents and grandparents on that Saturday, but we had even more rain and I was worried about possible flooding, so we stayed home.  We ordered pizza for lunch and just hung out at home, since Brandon was out of town for a fishing tournament.  And Sunday was our typical church, rest, church day.

Our first official week of summer started with a trip to the grocery store! Ha!  After the grocery trip we headed to gymnastics.  We chose a time when our friends would be there, so afterwards we all went to chick-fil-a for lunch.  Mackenzie asked if the kids could sit at their own table and since there were 5 kids and 2 adults, it had to be that way anyway.  After eating, playing and lots of talking (me and my friend), we came home and just relaxed the remainder of the day!

 On Tuesday, our playgroup met at a local playground.  I planned the playgroup calendar this year and I put this park early in the summer hoping it would be too terribly hot, but no such luck!  It was super hot that day.  We stayed for about an hour and the last 20 minutes were spent in the only shaded area of the park, playing with pebbles on the ground! ;)

That afternoon, Becky came over so we could work on VBS decorations.  She brought her daughter, so the girls were super excited to have a friend over to play.

Wednesday brought even more friend time.  One of Mackenzie's friends from school came over for a few hours.  After playing for about an hour, they decided they wanted to do some crafts.  They all had something different to do and really enjoyed their time together.  I even pulled out my colored pencils and colored in my "coloring book"! ;)

 Thursday was our big day of fun.  The girls and I LOVE the Noah's Ark Pool and its even more fun when we have friends join us.  A couple of families from our playgroup joined us and it was so much fun.  We spent half of our time in the splash pad area and then after lunch we went in the big pool.  Mindy and I had fun "playing" with the girls and were even able to split up a couple of times with each other's kids.  The big girls worked on their diving and jumping in the pool doing tricks.  Mackenzie even jumped off the diving board a couple of times.  Miranda and Meredith also jumped into the pool from the side without floats and swam to me.  I love my little swimmers and I love making these memories with them.
 Miranda didn't want to cooperate with the group photo! Ha!
 Fun on the small slides...
...and fun on the big slides!

The "little girls" - they all play so well together even though they are each a year apart from each other!

 The "big girls" - also a year a part in age.
 Riding the big alligator!
"Hands up everyone!" (and a couple of photo bombers in the back) ;)
 Fun day finish!

That night we all went out to dinner for mine and Brandon's 15 year anniversary!  Brandon had gotten home early so that we could go to dinner, so he did have to answer a couple of work phone calls while we were at dinner.  One of them was his boss and when he told him where he was his boss asked, "Then why did you answer my call?".  Brandon's response made me laugh..."Because YOU called."  His boss laughed and said he would talk to him the next day. ;) We ended the evening with a dance party!

Friday was swim lessons again and then we headed to get our oil changed at the dealership.  Thankfully I brought both ipads and tons of snacks because we had to wait almost 2 hours before they were finished.  The girls were really good and didn't start whining until the last 10 minutes.  Home for lunch and relaxation after that!

Saturday was supposed to be a relaxing day to make up for Brandon's hectic week at work, but instead we spent the afternoon buying a new car!  I love my new tahoe even if it is taking me a little while to get used to it. ;)

So, that's our first week of summer!  We still have 10 more weeks to go and we can't wait!

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