Saturday, May 21, 2016

Petting Zoo 2016

Meredith's preschool had their annual petting zoo back in March.  She was excited to dress up...and pose for the camera! ;)

Such a sweet little cowgirl.

Miranda wanted in on the picture taking, however big sister wasn't too excited! ha!

The petting zoo was so cute!  Miranda and I showed up between classes, so she had a little more time by herself and one other sibling before Meredith's class came out.  These sweet little goats were just too cute.

This is how Miranda pet the animals...just barely. ;)
This little goat was so easy going and just about every kid held him.  Ben was so sweet to help Miranda pet him.

My big surprise was Miranda getting on the pony without any hesitation and having a blast.  She is definitely a little more daring than my other girls.  Mackenzie and Meredith have typically asked me to walk with them when riding the pony, but she got on and only looked back to smile at the camera!

LOVE this photo!

And this one!

Finally, Meredith's class came out...
sweet sisters that apparently missed each other in the 2 hours they hadn't seen each other!
Meredith pet the animals a little better than Miranda, but was still a little shy.

All the kids really wanted the goats to eat out of their hands.

This pig was quite hilarious.  If you tried to move it, it would squeal so loud.  It just wanted to sit still and sleep! As Miranda and I were leaving and the petting zoo was packing up, we could hear the pig squealing and making a huge fuss as it was being put back into the truck. :)

This year, Meredith surprised me too and happily rode the pony without me walking beside it! yay!

Again, such a cute little cowgirl!

Her class posing for their teacher.  What a cute bunch of kids!
Meredith saved the biggest surprise for last and held the goat!  Miranda held the goat for 2 seconds, but I couldn't get a picture of it.

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