Tuesday, May 24, 2016

NYC - day 4

Our last day in NYC was really more of a travel day.  We slept in since that was really our last time for a while to sleep in. ;)  Then we packed up and checked out before heading out to breakfast.  We loved that small little deli down the street so we ate there again.  We were going to try to go somewhere else nearby, but we didn't think we'd have enough time before needing to head to the airport.

This is our hotel room...

And views from the hotel room...

I love rooftop gardens.

Unfortunately I scratched my eye that morning at some point and it bothered me the entire day.  By the time we got on the plane I was wearing my sunglasses and had tissues constantly wiping up my tears.  We were sure I had pink eye, so going home to the girls wasn't as exciting because I was trying not to touch them too much.  By the time I woke up the next morning, my eye was completely better.  Who knows what really happened to it, but at least it wasn't pink eye.

We got home late that night, put the girls to bed and so ended our vacation!  It was great and reminded me that we need to take anniversary trips more often!  We have a family vacation planned this summer and while it won't be as relaxing as this trip was, I'm looking forward to making more memories!

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