Monday, May 9, 2016

NYC - day 1

Nearly TWO months ago, Brandon and I took a trip to New York City withOUT the kids!  We decided to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary a little early.  It was an awesome trip and we had so much fun together.  Who knew you could have conversations and meals together without being interrupted by kids?!  And did you know that you can choose a restaurant based on what you like and not what the kids will eat?!  That's crazy! Ha! ;)

We chose an early mid week flight so that we could get to NYC early afternoon and have and early start to all the fun!  Once we got to NYC, we took an uber ride to our hotel.  This was my first time to ride in an uber car and I have to say it was great.  The car was super clean, smelled great and the driver was friendly.  The best thing was that it's cheaper than a cab and you pay all online, so you don't need cash.

We stayed at Lotte New York Palace and loved it.  We reserved a corner room, so it had a little more space than typical rooms which was great.  Once we got settled in our room we decided to explore because we were starving!  All but one of our meals was chosen based on a google search. ;)  For our late lunch we ate at Barillas.  It was a cute little deli where I had a panini and Brandon had lasagna.  After lunch we walked to Times Square, not really my cup of tea to be honest.  It reminded me of Vegas and all of the people passing out flyers.  We stood in the middle, took pictures and then left. ;)

Our hotel was across the street from St. Patrick's Cathedral, so on our way back we stopped for some pictures.  The building is really awesome.  As a member of the church of Christ, I know that worship is not about the building, but can you imagine singing/worshiping in this building.  A capella music would sound so great in here!

Such pretty windows!

It was funny to see all of the tv's lining the side aisle. 

And I loved these intricate details...

Beautiful door with a very bored guard. ;)

Beautiful windows...

 I know I already posted a picture of the ceiling, but look how awesome it is!  I love it!

 Again with the details...
 I love the details and didn't notice the pink foam behind the column until I edited the photo. ;)

Originally, we were going to rest for about an hour and then head to the top of the Rock to see the sun set before we went to dinner.  Instead, we fell asleep for 2-3 hours and woke up at 8:15 - already dark.  We found a restaurant near (The Smith) by and went to dinner at 9:00pm.  Did I mention we had no kids with us?! ;)  The restaurant had great food, but was clearly very popular even at 9 pm on a Wednesday night!  It was really crowded and loud, so a little hard to have a conversation - especially when the table next to you is literally 8" away!  Anyways, I had an awesome baked mac & cheese and if we had had a fridge and microwave in the hotel room, I would definitely taken the leftovers home.

After dinner we headed to the Top of the Rock as originally planned.  We went to the 72nd floor of the Rockefeller building.

It was actually really dark outside, but my camera setting allowed quite a bit of light in a few of my pictures.  I really like how this one turned out looking out over Central Park!

 This is the same photo with the correct light - see really dark.
The one with all different colors is The Empire State Building.

To be honest, I have no idea if this is the Brooklyn bridge or another bridge, but it's pretty with all of the lights. ;)

Since it was still March, the ice rink was still in place.  We didn't skate, but it was really pretty.
 The plaza around the area was really pretty.

There was a lego store right next to the plaza, so I took pictures for the girls.

We headed back to the hotel late that night and were able to capture a great picture of the Cathedral.
Day 1, was awesome and it was only 1/2 a day!  Stay tuned for Day 2!

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