Monday, May 23, 2016

New York - Day 3

Day 3 in New York was our last full day in the city.  We slept in that morning and then went to a little deli for breakfast just down the street from our hotel.  We didn't have any plans that evening, so Brandon looked online and found a concert for us to go that night.  I'll get to that in a little bit.  After breakfast we walked 18 blocks to see the Empire State Building.  My guidebooks said the best time to visit was on weekday mornings and I will say even though there were lines, it wasn't too bad.  I'm glad we chose that morning to go.

The first set of views are from the 86th floor. Please excuse the massive number of photos, but I just couldn't resist - the weather was just too beautiful not to take pictures!

The financial district is in the distance and you can see the Freedom tower (the tallest building).

Close up of the Financial District.

The Statue of Liberty is in the center of this frame.  It looks so small compared to everything else and yet, it must have looked huge when it was originally built!

A close up of Freedom Tower.

The Brooklyn Bridge is in the distance.  We finally drove over it on our way home from the concert that evening.  My picture didn't turn out so well, so this is my best one!

Chrysler Building...
Apparently this is a residential tower in midtown.  It's super tall and skinny and so out of place.  Very strange.

I'm not sure what bridge is in the distance, but it looks big and we are really far away, so it must be huge up close!

Theses views are from the 102nd floor.  That level was fully enclosed so there is plexiglass in the photos.

Chrysler Building, again.

Central Park.  It's amazing how big of a park it is in the middle of the city.

After the Empire State Building, we took an uber drive to the upper West Side near the Museum of Natural History.  We ate at Unos for lunch and again I was amazed at the bathrooms being in the basement down a narrow staircase and hallway.  You'd never find that here in Texas!

One of Mackenzie's favorite movies lately is Night at the Museum, so we had to go the American Museum of Natural History to see if it's anything like the movie museum.

The statue of Roosevelt was outside, but he was riding a horse!

So big!  I wish we could have gone in to see it, but we didn't have enough time to spend the hours it would take to see everything.

I just love the details of these stone buildings.

 The inside was beautiful, but it was not like the movie! Ha!  There were dinosaurs, though!

After the Museum, we meandered through Central Park.  It wasn't as pretty as I know it can be since it was still winter/early spring, but again I'm just amazed at such a huge park in the middle of the city.

Ice skating!

And to follow our routine, we went back to the hotel to rest before our evening adventures!

Our tickets we bought that morning were for the Jimi Hendrix Experience in a Theater in Brooklyn.  We took an uber ride to downtown Brooklyn.  We had them drop us off at the library since we were really early.  After realizing that's not really where we wanted to be, we went to a pizza place about 10 minutes away.  That place turned out to be really good with wonderful pizza and delicious gelato!  Another uber ride to King's Theater and we were ready for our concert!  It was a beautiful theater that had just been remodeled.


I'll be honest, I knew some of the music, but not all of it and I had only heard of one of the guitarists, but Brandon really liked it, so it was great!  We left a little early (about 3 songs from the end) and took yet another uber ride back to our hotel.

Day 3 and our last night in NYC!

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