Monday, May 30, 2016

Miranda swim lessons

At the beginning of April, Miranda took a 2 week swimming class so she could promote to the big class.  At the end of the 2 week session, the parents were allowed to go into the pool area, so I was able to get better pictures and videos.  Her teacher was Mr. Rudy and he was great!

Kicks on the barbells.

She's having lots of fun!

In her beginning class, they are just focusing on floating on your back until someone gets you or you touch the side of the pool in case they were to fall into a pool.

"And grab the bricks..."
She likes the slide too!

And at the end, they dove for rings!

This first video is actually from when she was in the baby class (her last one), but they did the same stuff in the 2 week session.

The next two are videos that Meredith took.

And diving for rings...

And finally, she received her certificate and promotion!
Yay for swimming! ;)

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