Tuesday, May 31, 2016

April Miscellaney

April was a busy month. Well, all months are busy months, so it was normal! ;)

Running errands with 3 little girls is always interesting!  We had to pick up Brandon's tux one day and the girls came with us, so they performed in front of the mirror while we waited.
I laughed when I saw this in our playroom.  They are supposed to be cupcakes but Meredith turned the bottoms upside down to create an octopus. ;)

I let the girls pick their beach towels this year and Meredith was very excited about it when it came in the mail! She asked me to take her picture, so I obliged!  And, Miranda was so excited about her new lunchbox, she fell asleep on the couch holding it. ;)

April also brought Pajama day at preschool!

One day, Miranda and I visited Mackenzie for lunch and I think they enjoyed their time together.

So, not only did Miranda promote in swimming, but Meredith did too!  It was a long, hard year of being at the "dolphin" level, but her confidence improved and therefore her swimming skills did too!  Yay Meredith!

I ordered workbooks for the girls for this summer and when they came in, Mackenzie was super excited to get started even though school was still in session!  She was also very excited that one of the workbooks is going to teach her cursive!
Mackenzie and Meredith are both artistic and crafty, but I forsee a lot more crafting done with Meredith in the future.  I had a painting project and so Meredith had her own painting project!

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