Saturday, April 2, 2016

Valentine's School Party

Back in February, Mackenzie had her "Friendship Party" aka Valentine's Party.  I'm not sure if it's just our school, but parties at Mackenzie's school are so much different than when we had parties  25-30 YEARS AGO!  I can't believe it was that long ago, but oh well.  Anyways, EVERY class from Kinder to 2nd grade has the EXACT SAME party.  Same crafts, same games and same the point where the ice cream is passed from one grade level to the next! You can bring valentine's from your friends, but since they can't pass out class rosters, you have to just make them blank or generic unless your child knows everyone's name by heart.  On top of that, the kids pass the valentine's around to everyone's decorated lunch sack and then all bags are stapled shut and put in their backpacks.   
Mackenzie rarely likes here hair fixed, so I was excited that she liked this pony tail holder.
Despite the craziness of the party rules, I still take Meredith and Miranda to the party to see Mackenzie because it is one of the few things were siblings are welcome.

They played pin the lips on Ms. Gonzales.  Mackenzie was the last one to go and ended up winning.

Next, they tried to stack sweet heart candies in a "minute to win it" style game.  Here's another absurdity for you...they were not aloud to eat the candies afterward.  They had to put them back in the box and take them home before eating! 

Next comes the ice cream sundaes with skittles, sprinkles, chocolate syrup and whip cream.  Siblings are welcome, but they are sure to state in the emails that snacks are NOT provided for them.  So, I always bring snacks for the little girls.  For this party, they ate oreos. ;)

Even though I complain about the rules, it's still fun to see Mackenzie interact with her teacher and classmates.  Her class is really cute.  Next year, Miranda and I will be real party goers with 2 parties in a day! ;)

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