Sunday, April 3, 2016

outside fun

In February we had some beautiful weather so after school one day we hung out near the neighborhood pool blowing bubbles and playing in the grass.  I think it was western day - hence the pig tail braids and denim skirt! ;)

Bubble wars - old school vs bubble gun! ;)

It was super windy, so you pretty much had to blow bubbles in one direction or else they blew in your face.
It was so windy, Mackenzie didn't have to blow bubbles at all.  The wind blew them for her!

I wished I had cleaned Miranda's face before taking her picture, but I guess this is just proof of what life is really like!

Next came gymnastics!  Mackenzie practiced cartwheels, headstands and levers.

Which prompted Meredith to practice her levers...
And finally, the cutest of all, Miranda joined in!

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