Monday, April 4, 2016

Hair cuts

Mackenzie's been growing her hair out for over a year.  I told her that some people grow out their hair and donate it to organizations that make wigs for children that have lost their hair.  She immediately said she wanted to do that.  Originally she didn't want to cut her hair above her shoulders so we found a place that accepted 8" of donated hair so that we didn't have to grow it really really long.  Finally in February we had had enough of the long, tangle-filled hair and she agreed to cut it above her shoulders so we headed to the salon!

We of course did a before, during and after shot!  Like I said, we did the minimum 8", but could have cut more since the stylist cut even more off.

Look how short and cute it is!  I wasn't sure if I would like the really short hair, but I LOVE it.  Anything that makes the morning brushing/getting ready very quick is a good thing to me!

And then, Meredith decided she wanted to cut her hair too.  I don't have a before picture, but it was a couple of inches past her shoulders. 
We actually went back the very next day to correct the hair cut because it was very uneven, and wound up being shorter than this picture.  Both girls looks super cute with short hair and I think they like it too!  We should be getting Mackenzie's donation certificate and t-shirt here pretty soon!  She doesn't know about that, so I think she'll very excited to see that.

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