Friday, April 15, 2016

Granny & Papa

So, after picking strawberries, we headed to Granny and Papa's to eat them and visit with each other more.  Fresh strawberries are the best!

I love this picture because it shows Meredith very animated in her talking which is so typical for her.

Of course, ice cream followed the strawberries.  Actually, ice cream follows anything at Granny's.  At least in the girls' eyes it does! ha!  Meredith especially loves the gold spoons and Mackenzie always insists on using the rainbow spoons.
The weather was beautiful, so we spent time outside and the girls got a chance to be super silly.  Because you know, they never get to be silly, right?

The girls couldn't wait for us to take a ride on the boat, but we weren't quite ready so they just looked at the boat for a while. ;)
Not all eyes are open, but at least they are all smiling!  Even if their heads are completely sideways. ;)

We don't have a large lot, so they enjoyed walking and running around the front and side yards.

I love this 4 year old!
They really wanted to pick flowers, but at first all we could find were the ones on the other side of the fence.  I guess the grass really is greener on the other side. ;)

I found one!

Granny walked them around to the front and showed them all the flowers.  They even got to pick some "for crafts", according to Meredith.

And finally, it was BOAT time!!

After the boat ride, it was time for even more food!  Granny and Papa brought out the fancy apple peeler and the girls LOVED it!

We all loved it so much that I ordered one a week later and now the girls can have "spiral" apples anytime!

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