Wednesday, April 6, 2016

February Miscellaney

I love looking at my miscellaneous photos I take with my phone. It's a great recap of what we did for the month. February has a lot of miscellaneous photos!

Mackenzie was able to enjoy one last birthday party/play date with one of her friends before she moved away.  Her sister was Meredith's best friend in preschool and both girls will be missed in this house!
On the 100th day of school, Mackenzie had to make a 100 day shirt.  She drew 100 hearts on her shirt and of course, Meredith had to draw on her own shirt.  I'm not sure what she drew, but she enjoyed doing it!

Meredith is also very crafty and enjoys making headbands.  She kept saying, "this one is kitty inspired" and this one is "star lily inspired."  She LOVES to design things.  So much more than I remember Mackenzie doing at this age.

Meredith discovered the scarf that my aunt Rhonda made for Mackenzie and loved it on the few really cold days we had in February.

All ready for her own Valentine's Party - including the same cute hair tie! ;)

Even though the little girls don't get to attend the Father/Daughter Banquet, they enjoyed helping me set up and ride on the saddle.

Kroger is so much fun...riding a 1 cent pony and getting chocolate milk and chocolate covered graham crackers. 

Miranda discovered the fun of playing on a swing on your belly!  She also likes to dress herself...brown, too short pants with red glitter dress shoes on the wrong feet!

Ok...these 2 photos are some of my favorites!  The one on the left doesn't even look like Miranda, but it is!  While I was working out or busy with something, she decided to help herself with the hershey kisses.  I counted 8 strings!  Then the one on the right is what Miranda does when are at the church building working on bible lessons or father daughter banquet.  She is so easy going for at least 3 hours!  If I have snacks, she can last just about all day! ;)

This is one of Mackenzie's funniest papers she's written.  I laughed out loud when I read it.  The back story is that I'm selling 9 of their 13 lalaloopsy dolls.  I guess she wasn't too happy about it..
It reads "If I had one hundred dollars...I would buy a lalaloopsy because my mom is selling them."  Haha!

Go Texas Day at Mackenzie's school means little sisters dress up too!

And finally, a group shot! So cute!

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