Saturday, April 16, 2016

Doodle Bug or Roly Poly?

One morning after taking Mackenzie to school, Meredith, Miranda and I found a doodle bug on the side walk.  Well, I call it a doodle bug, but some people call it a roly poly.  Anyways, I touched the doodle bug to make it roll up in a ball.  Then we watched as it rolled back out and started crawling again.  When I touched it again and it rolled up, I picked it up and put it in Miranda's hand.  She liked holding it until it opened up in her hand.  She immediately freaked out and threw it off her hand. ;)

After we got home, the girls had fun pretending to be doodle bugs.  They took turns curling in a ball when the other one touched them.

Then they got their baby and did the same thing! ;)

Also, I can't remember ever picking up a doodle bug when I was little because bugs are just not my thing, so I was quite surprised that I actually picked up the bug to put it in Miranda's hand.  Look at me, I'm growing up! ha!

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