Tuesday, April 5, 2016

2016 - Father/Daughter Banquet

My friends and I planned out church's Father/Daughter Banquet for the second year in a row.  We rocked the boat this year and made it a casual dinner with a western theme.  We had some wonderful donations that made the evening so great!

I was in charge of the photo booth and took a lot of photos of the girls and their dads. 

We did a formal picture and a goofy picture with props.

One of our friends had all kinds of "cowboy paraphernalia" and provided a saddle for our "roping" activities.

Here's our entry table...

Party favors...

Becky worked on these chandeliers made of hula hoops and icicle lights.

These old, wood doors provided lots of beautiful backdrops.

We tried to keep our table centerpieces simple and cheap.  Therefore, donated boots, tin cans, & borrowed mason jars.

We also provided games at the table...

The BBQ was served on tin pie plates and we kept it simple with plastic ware.

The dessert table is always a hit!  Rice crispy treats, sugar cookies and chocolate sheet cake!  So delicious!

This first grader had a blast at the banquet and took A LOT of photos with her friends!

They absolutely LOVED the photo booth!


Mackenzie would have sat here all night taking pictures!  So cute!  Next year, Meredith gets to join in the fun!  Can't wait!

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