Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Walks to school

Our walks to and from school are always an adventure. Sometimes everyone is happy and Meredith "hides" from me while I say goodbye to Mackenzie.
Some afternoons we have beautiful weather and stay and play at the parking lot light post and bike rack! ha!

On rainy days, the big girls and I have umbrellas, while Miranda stays dry in the stroller.  One kid saw her in it and said, "Look, that baby is trapped."  I had to tell him that she voluntarily got in the stroller! ;)

And when Meredith is SUPER happy, she dresses up to pick up Mackenzie!  On this day she was a mermaid!
I love that she doesn't care what others will say.  Her only concern was whether people would realize she was a mermaid.  I assured her they would know. ;)

Of course I don't take pictures on our bad days, because I'm too busy trying to get us back to our car, but I'm glad I have pictures of these fun days!

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